Special Events

Besides regular classes, Khalsa School celebrates following special events to recognize special days in Sikh History.

There is a time honored tradition at the Sri Harmandir Sahib that dictates the singing of Gurbani, associated with Basant, in Raga Basant and other Ragas related to the arrival of Spring such as Basant Hindol and Bahar, from the begining of the month of Magh until Hola Mohalla.

All parents and children should join with your family and friends to celebrate the coming of Spring, which in Gurbani is really a metaphor for the rejuvenation of the soul and spirit. Our Guru Sahiban have used the rich imagery of spring bursting forth, bringing color and joy, to describe the condition of the soul as it merges into the One.

The Kirtan is done by our young kirtaniyas, who are budding into formidable exponents of Gurmat Sangeet in their own right.

In addition to these events, Khalsa School organizes camps throughout the year

Monthly Gurmat Camps:

This Camp run on First Saturday of every month at Gurdwara Sahib with the exception of July and December due to week or month-long camps. Camp timings are 7:00am – 3:00pm

Summer Camp:

The Summer camp is run for 3-4 weeks during summer holidays. Age limit ranges from 6 years – 13 years. Classes offered range from Gurmukhi, Gurmat, Art& Craft, English/math (Elementary level), Gatka, and Sewing/Embroidery.

Winter Camp:

This is one week long camp during the last week of December. Classes are focused on martrydom of Sahibzadey, Mata Gujri Ji and life of Guru Gobind Singh Ji