Fremont Khalsa School has been one of the oldest in North America. It was first established in 1992.

The young Khalsa – The next generation needs a progressive environment to learn the Sikh Values, and Sikh Heritage.

The Khalsa School establishes an educative path for this. The objectives of the Khalsa School are in-line with successful achievement of three steps outlined in the Mission Statement.

The actions to achieve our long-term vision are listed as follows:

  • Build a world class Sikh Education Institution that offers Gurmat knowledge and Gurmukhi language learning to young Sikh Children of ages 3 years to 18 years of age.
  • Build an organization aimed at an educational program that promotes excellence in Sikh Way of life for the parents, the volunteers, and the children alike.
  • Operates in synchronization with teachings of our Gurus and the rich history that takes our children on a path to glory.
  • To make a significant contributions to our community, and everyone that we come in-touch with.
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