School Etiquette and Discipline:

The following rules and guidelines are imposed to uplift the education standards and improve the student’s ability to be successful. Avoid disruption and distraction, and to improve the quality of the classroom experience.

These rules must be observed and followed and the expectations fulfilled. Non-compliance will result into student termination


  • Student must go to the main Darbaar Hall and bow to Sri Guru Granth Sahib before starting the classes.
  • Please arrive on time to class and stay for the entire class period. Late arrivals and early departures are disruptive.
  • Quietly take a seat in the classroom. Similarly, in the rare event that you must leave class early (e.g. for a medical appointment), sit close to the rear door and leave as unobtrusively as possible.
  • During class session, ask permission before leaving to use the restroom. Try to use the restroom before coming to class.
  • When class begins, please stop your conversations.
  • Wait until class is completely over before putting your materials away in your backpack, standing up, or talking to friends.
  • Talking on cell phones, or text messaging during class is not allowed. Smart Phones and other Electronic gadgets if used in the class will be confiscated.
  • Try not to dominate a discussion with your questions or comments – give others a fair opportunity to participate.
  • Raised voices, derogatory language, name-calling, and intimidating behavior will NOT be tolerated. Do not disturb others by engaging in disruptive behavior. Disruption interferes with the learning environment and impairs the ability of others to focus, participate, and engage.
  • During the class, no parent is allowed to walk into the class for any reason
  • If parent need some clarification from teacher, please meet the teacher at the end of the class
  • If parent have some dispute issue regarding teacher or school policy, please meet any member of the Office Staff.
  • Students and teachers are required to wear an outfit that is fit for Gurdwara environment.
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