This program is a parent and child program for children 3 and 4 years old. A strict cutoff date for admission into this program is enforced. A child must be 3 years old as of September 1 of the year seeking admission. It is a 1-hour class with hands-on activities and provides an introduction to language and Gurmat in an age appropriate manner.


Elementary Levels: Kindergarten and Levels 1 through 4

Kindergarten has a combined Gurmat and Gurmukhi program, while Level 1 through 4 have an hour each of instruction in Gurmat and Gurmukhi.


Senior Levels: Level 5 through 7

Level 7 is the graduating class at Fremont Khalsa School


Leadership Class

Once a student graduates Fremont Khalsa School, he/she is eligible to be part of the Leadership Class. This class is designed for teens. This class plays a key role in organizing all the special events that Fremont Khalsa School organizes throughout the year.


Bridge Class

For students who are in grade 4 and up are first time learners, or their language skills are not commensurate with the standard Level 4 path of the Gurmukhi Language – there is a “bridge” program. This program provides customized accelerated learning to students, and mainstreams them as they become ready to be part of the regular learning path.


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