Library Project details / Info.

Library Project details / Info – Summer Program 2018
1. Sunday June 17th, students will be able to check out two books for the summer.  These will be due the first day of the Khalsa School. Refer to Khalsa School 2018-19 Calendar.
2. In case students need to borrow new books over the summer, they or their parent will need to email to the with the times they can visit the library. One of us will arrange a mutually suitable time for them to borrow the book.  We are doing this as very few students showed up on the summer weekends we opened the library last year.
3. Also this year, instead of the book summary, students will be asked to write a book aimed for Early Gurmukhi Reading.
4. Detailed guideline for the book is to be sent to parents (check your inbox).
5. The book writing will be open to adults as well.
6. Books using normal sheets of paper will need to be submitted to Library within three weeks after school start.
7. We are hoping you folks can help us print those in book form.
6. All books will be judged and those selected suitable for addition to the  library collection will be awarded accordingly.

Administrative Sewadaars

The Khalsa School is a run by Volunteers/Sewadaars who have a vested interest in the success of the school and its students. It is the shared responsibility of the School Staff, and The Parents.

The Khalsa School Administration group acts as a Governance body that facilitates decision making of routine functions devoted to achieve its mission and vision. Its primary focus is on development of improvement plans, allocation of resources and programmatic and operational changes which enhance the Quality of the School and achievements of its students.

The Office Administration serves day-to-day functions like Admissions, Registrations, Notice Board administration, School Stationary supplies, Class Room Allocations, Teachers roasters, Attendance, Teacher Substitute arrangements etc.

Harpreet Singh Bains



Parminder Singh

Parminder Singh has been a part of the Khalsa School when his daughter started attending the PreSchool class in 2010. He started teaching Gurmukhi and Gurmat classes on need basis and slowly got involved with additional administrative activities. His desire is to provide students an interactive platform where they can learn Gurmat, Gurmukhi, Kirtan and start instilling Sikhi values in their daily lives. By profession, he holds a MS degree in Electrical Engineering and currently working as a Director of System Operations at a leading Advanced Energy Storage Systems company.



Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh has been involved with Fremont Khalsa School for a few years in the past and offered to do Sewa as our administrative team member. He brings in several years of administrative, IT and operations management experience. He has passion for Humanitarian services. He is has an MS Degree and works for one for one of the Fortune 500 companies in the bay area. He would like to see out future generation to be a good citizen and serve Humanity.


Manchitranjan Singh

Manchitranjan Singh has a passion to teach the young Khalsa and tries to connect them to the roots of Sikhism. He teaches Gurmat classes and helps in the office administrative activities too. By profession, he is in a management position in Advanced Technical Services at one of the Fortune 100 companies. His has a longing to facilitate our next generation Sikhs to raise their profiles and be successful in their fields of choice. And get a good start at young age.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

Every Student of the Khalsa School Should be fully equipped on three dimensions:$$


Equipped with the knowledge and tools to move along the path of personal spiritual growth as a Gursikh.


Equipped to keep alive the heritage and traditions of Sikhi, while being a confident productive citizen of American Society.


Equipped with the techniques to be an Ambassador of Sikhi to a diverse American Society and future generations of Gursikhs.



Vision and Values

Khalsa School is focused and geared towards the promotion of Sikhism, Gurmat Gyan, and practicing Gurbani into our life.


We cannot lower the importance of academics in our lives. It is vital that you seek to attain your maximum potential in robust academic structure.


Students have different intellectual levels. Concerted effort is required to stay honest maintain discipline to ensure integrity of the School, and of yourself as well.


A Sikh intellectual community cannot maintain its integrity or be faithful to its members if academic dishonesty is tolerated.


History Of Khalsa School

Fremont Khalsa School has been one of the oldest in North America. It was first established in 1992.

The young Khalsa – The next generation needs a progressive environment to learn the Sikh Values, and Sikh Heritage.

The Khalsa School establishes an educative path for this. The objectives of the Khalsa School are in-line with successful achievement of three steps outlined in the Mission Statement.

The actions to achieve our long-term vision are listed as follows:

  • Build a world class Sikh Education Institution that offers Gurmat knowledge and Gurmukhi language learning to young Sikh Children of ages 3 years to 18 years of age.
  • Build an organization aimed at an educational program that promotes excellence in Sikh Way of life for the parents, the volunteers, and the children alike.
  • Operates in synchronization with teachings of our Gurus and the rich history that takes our children on a path to glory.
  • To make a significant contributions to our community, and everyone that we come in-touch with.
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