Admission Fees Policy

Khalsa School charges separate fees for Keertan and Gumukhi/Gurmat classes. The Fees structure is as follows.

Gurmat and Gurmukhi Classes : $125 per family (Full Year)
Keertan Classes :  $125 per family (Full Year)
  • School fees include school bags.

The Fees guidelines are subject to change every year. The Fee charges are communicated to the parents at the beginning of each school year admissions.

Waiting List Criteria

Khalsa School has an upper limit of 35 Students per class section.

A high level assessment is done based on age and initial interview with the student as well as his/her parents/guardians. Based on this initial assessment, if there is an open spot available in that class level, the student proceeds to second level of detailed assessment as described above. And Admission/fees process is completed accordingly.

In a situation where the class is full, the new student is put on wait-list and admission process is resumed should an open spot comes-up during the school year session.

If admission is confirmed, the student is given 6 weeks to catch-up on make-up tests and other assignments established as part of curriculum. The late admission students are encouraged to spend extra time with their teachers to come up to speed. The Fremont Khalsa School is blessed with teacher volunteers who are willing and able to facilitate late admissions with dedication.

Student Enrollment Process

New Enrollments:

New Students enrolled into Pre-School and Kindergarten are based on age criteria.

Older Students are assessed to determine their current proficiency levels in Gurumukhi, and Gurmat. Khalsa School accepts diploma/certificates from other Khalsa schools wherever applicable. Fremont Khalsa School Curriculum is being widely adopted by other Khalsa Schools throughout the country. As part of admission process, child’s proficiency is discussed with the student and the parents/guardians on the child’s background exposure, and educational experience. Gurmat class assignment is done based on this initial interview between the child and the Khalsa School Gurmat Head Coordinator. This is followed by an interview with Gurmat teacher. The teacher may give an admission placement test to determine the student’s level. Based on the results of the interview and or the placement test, an objective assessment of the student’s capabilities is made and the teacher makes a recommendation.

For Gurmukhi Class assignment, all new Students are put in Bridge class where the teachers assess the Student proficiency over a period of three weeks. At the end of the third week, the student is assigned a Gurmukhi Level or s/he is retained the Bridge class.

Continuing Student Admission:

Class assignments for existing students are done based on the prior year test scores and Teacher’s assessment on both Gurmat and Gurmukhi subjects. The Scores are generally stack ranked and Students who need additional assistance and guidance on Gurmukhi are encouraged to repeat the same level. The results are assessed on standard bell curves for each subject

Uniform Information

Dress Code description for Boys:

  1. White or navy blue Kurta and Pajama
  2. Orange or saffron Color Kamar-Bandh
  3. Orange or saffron Color or Navy-Blue dastaar or Patka

Dress Code description for Girls:

  1. White or navy blue Salwaar Kameez
  2. Orange or saffron Color Kamar-Bandh
  3. Orange or saffron Color or navy blue dastaar and/or Chunni/Dupatta


Khalsa School Online Registration

FKS School admission for the year 2023-24 will start on Sunday, July 16.


  • School Admission Tent will be open from 11 to 2 for 3 weeks starting July 16th.
  • FKS Orientation will happen on Saturday, Aug 12 from 3pm to 6pm in the Main Diwan Hall
  • Classes will start on the weekend of Aug 19/20
  • Last Day of school will be in May, 2024

Please contact the Khalsa School Office staff for any questions/assistance. Email:

Online Registration can be done using below QR code or using this link:

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